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The world needs to stand together once again to rebuild and  sustainable development in Nepal

Nepal is naturally beautiful, people are very hard worker and friendly but due to  bad governance and suffered by natural disaster, 25% Nepali people are living under poverty line.  They are not getting even basic need such as full stomach food, shelter for night, medicine and education even  in this 21st century therefore we all need to work together to uplift from the vicious  poverty.


So, with objectives to contribute the poverty alleviation and sustainable  development of Nepal  NEDI is a  registered as a charity organization and working on humanitarian support and sustainable development  activities since 2003.  

Nepali people do not have big exception with government, donors, and NGOs,  they want to survive and fulfil their basic needs. So, your small contribution can make  big change in Nepal and life of Nepali.

We mobilize young and community people  work yourself directly with participation  community people therefore all your support goes direct to beneficiary and target group. Also you can visit, meet and see what we are doing in community and where is going your support.

You can donate us by Paypal, Visa, any other electronic means or  you can send directly NEDI account. Please contact us for further clarification  :

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