Volunteer With Us


1.  Introduction

Volunteer is nothing but offering one's skills, competence, knowledge and resources full heartedly for the purpose of other's need without any expectation of return. Traditionally, though, voluntary work is viewed as selfless deed which is done for other's good, today's voluntary work is a little different and taken as helping others along with aiming  to get something for their own. None of them are wrong because there is always an exchange of knowledge, skills, competence and resources between two people.

2.  Why Volunteer?

We all are human being and there is humanity and compassion in every human being, although we are unable to think for others all the time due to our internal limitations. There is a say "if a human being think for his own only and not for others, he is nothing but a foolish animal because most of the animals, too, are born with natural ability to protect and help others along with doing their best for their family." Being a human being, all of us think for ourselves but what are we doing for others? It is very crucial to ponder towards this question. That is why, the door to the most satisfactory and pleasing life for anyone is to give a part of your time to help others. By managing the time, offering one's skills, competence, knowledge and resources to others and sharing one's experience could remain as unforgettable and pleasant memory for every human being. It is always memorable for everybody about their different pastures of work and their interrelationships with various aspects of its economical, geographical and social and cultural concerns. Within a small time period and limited resources, volunteering is an important medium to develop skills, knowledge and thoughts. Volunteer experiences helps in transforming one's theoretical educational knowledge obtained from schools, colleges and universities into practical real life. It also contributes in significant manner in order to obtain and fulfill the educational qualification. The most important thing is that with your small amount of contribution, you can bring about significant change in somebody's life, family and society as a whole. That is why it is said that learning without volunteer is incomplete and selfish, so it is very important for everyone to do the voluntary work at least once in life.

3.  How to do volunteer work?     

There are various ways to do voluntary work in this world. Since this is the work for self satisfaction with your own convenience, Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI), a not for profit NGO, has put forward some of the programs to do voluntary work.

4  Types of Volunteer work of NEDI:

 (i) Volunteer in your own country
It is important for everybody to go into the field to volunteer. If one cannot go into the field for various reasons, there is no need to disappoint because NEDI has started a new initiative to provide the opportunity to volunteer from their respective places or countries. Depending on the nature of work, volunteers are divided into following categories and do the volunteer work from any part of their respective countries.

1.1 Fund Raising Volunteer: Helping for the poor and marginalized community is an important volunteer work. For this, in this age of information and communication technology, there is no need to go into the core field. Through NEDI, you can help the poor and marginalized communities. You can volunteer through your own contribution or from other people or various organizations in order to get support for the poor by staying at your own respective places. NEDI is responsible for taking all of your support, donation and contribution to the desired grass-root level and making it available to the poor people and marginalized communities with a transparent and accountable mechanism. For this, you don't have to pay anything, but your willingness and a little time is required. If you have a desire or willingness to involve in this initiative to help poor, farmers and laborer or to assist in global initiative to protect environment degradation, you can consult NEDI and get more information for free.

1.2 Information Technology and Communication Volunteer: If you have a keen interest in world information and want to work in the field of journalism and communication or want to invest for the people of poor countries in these fields, you can help our initiative and their programs by living at your own place.  

1.3 Networking and Relations Development Volunteer: Those who want to involve in our initiative having skills in networking and relations development and want to work; NEDI has been providing this opportunity to those people.     

 (II) Volunteer in  NEPAL 
One of the most important aspects of volunteer work is to go to another country and to develop one's skills, knowledge and ideas. In order to share one's own experiences and capabilities and also to learn from others, this has been an important medium. NEDI requires following types of volunteers in this category:

2.1 Rebuild and Reconstruction Volunteer 

The goal of our rebuild and reconstruction  Community Volunteer Program is to take an active role in helping people who are suffering by earthquake . This means reaching out to the population most in need and ensuring that their basic needs are being met on both a physical and emotional level. Throughout this process, the volunteer program aims to find ways to educate children, teens and adults from economically disadvantaged areas, and provide them the tools and encouragement they need to break out of trauma  or overcome the limitations of illness,  physical disabilities due to earthquake.  Rebuild and Reconstruction volunteer  need to understand local need and  possibilities  and start work what  community people demand  to rebuild their village again.   These volunteers help to rural community by supporting infrastructure development such as rebuild houses, school,  library, maintenance  of school and community building, road  & bridge construction,  spot construction, support for sport materials,  support for water tap, toilet and drainage construction, provide skills on other sanitary and environment  issues ( Improve Cook stove,  Solar scheme etc)   

The 25th April is black day for Nepali people, a huge earthquake killed more than 8,800 people and injured more than 23,000. It occurred at 11:56 NST on 25 April, with a magnitude of 7.8M. This terrible earthquake that has devastated the country, with thousands of victims, wounded, displaced and countless children, women and

men without medical care, food, clothing and a roof to shelter. In this very critical situation NEDI has decided to be at the forefront, with relief materials and mobilizing volunteers to build temporary shelters as well as to give first humanitarian support to the earthquake victims. Still, it has been distributing basic human need and working towards the rebuild and reconstruction houses, schooland public places. 


2.2 Agriculture Volunteers: Nepal is an agricultural country. Here, more than 80% of the population depends on farming for their livelihood. Hence, NEDI has recognized this as one the most important field to volunteer. Here, people practice the traditional ways of farming. Mainly, rice, wheat, paddy, potato, cardamom, ginger, and tea etc are farmed. Fruits and vegetable farming are also done through traditional ways. Agriculture volunteers, after learning about agriculture, environment and the people, have to go to the field personally and educate the local farmers and also learn from them. In this way, NEDI provides an environment to share the knowledge in both ways. Along with that, they have to live with the families of local farmers and assist them in whatever ways they can in their daily household works.

2.3 Environment, Health and Sanitary Volunteer: The rapid environmental degradation is the major threat to the world today. That is why, it is very necessary to spread awareness among people and for this, NEDI requires volunteers to work in this field.

2.4 English and Computer Technology Teachers Volunteer: Going to the schools and working with students and teaching especially English and computer technology is yet another important area to volunteer. Hence, NEDI provides an opportunity to work as a tutor in schools.

2.5 Report and Information Technology Volunteer: If volunteers require and send requests to work and manage the organizational reports and its information technology staying at NEDI office, it provides the opportunity for the same.

2.6 Women Empowerment Volunteer: Every day, women are battered, sexually harassed, abused, raped and psychologically tortured in the home, the workplace and the society. Domestic Violence against women starts at womb and remains up to tomb. The charisma of medical inventions has awarded the victimizers to identify the female at womb and hence feticide has become a major problem in modern Nepalese society. Domestic violence against women in Nepal is not a myth, but a reality. It exists and exists everywhere in Nepalese society. There is no woman who has not suffered at one time or another harassment, humiliation, exploitation and violence that shadow her sex. What will happen to women if she is ill-treated in her own house by her nearest and dearest? The interim constitution of Nepal has granted equal rights to all citizens of Nepal. But it is an irony that women are still in pathetic conditions.  Therefore NEDI offer to Women Empowerment Volunteer to work with community women by organizing sensitize camp, awareness raising, enterprise support, group formation, culture sharing, advocate on rights and other empowerment program.


2.7 Research Volunteer: In order to complete education in universities or to get educational knowledge from other institutions or organizations in Nepal, NEDI also provides the opportunity to work as Research Volunteers.  Nepal is very best place to research and investigation in different issues.

5. How do volunteer?

If you want to volunteer in any of the above categories according to your choice, you are required to fill up the form of NEDI and send it to NEDI office through email. You can also send your queries. NEDI will approve and send you an email within one week and you can start the work after NEDI will send you the authorized letter.

6.What you Get?

NEDI will provide you a certificate of appreciation stating clearly your field of work, time duration and your contribution. For the Fund Development and Resource Mobilization volunteers, they will be informed about their contribution and the positive impact in the targeted groups. Along with this, for transparency and assurance of correct utilization of your contribution, letters and photographs of the targeted groups, audit report and progress report will be sent. The details of all the volunteers will be kept in the website and the organization will prepare and publish a book incorporating all the information of volunteers and their feelings.

7.When do Volunteer?

Volunteer work can be done according to your own convenience and time. But if you want to volunteer in Nepal, then it is required to know about some of the important and favorable times in Nepal. Generally, the time between September to June is considered to be favorable. But according to the nature of volunteers, there can be little changes.

If you require more information on above subjects, you can send your queries through email. If you would like to volunteer in any of the above mentioned subjects, you are required to fill up this form and send us through email.

8. Why NEDI?

NEDI is a not for profit, non government organization (NGO), that aims to provide services to more and more people within the least administrative expenses. The organization is run by a wide range of poor people, farmers, youths and laborers. The organization works transparently and firmly and oriented towards target community people, providing services to the society. It believes in transparency, honesty and responsible towards community. It is more interested in innovation and open to new ideas and suggestions. According to the interest of volunteers, it provides services with minimum or no charge.

Home stay / Cultural Exchange
Home stays and cultural exchange programs can be arranged in most touristy and remote areas of Nepal. Participants will be placed with a Nepali family in a small rural village. This provides the volunteers with an excellent opportunity to learn about all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, food and people. Volunteers should remember that this is a cultural exchange and that an effort to offer some knowledge of their own home culture and customs to the family with whom they stay is expected. During their home-stay, volunteers will attend  language lessons. They will also have the opportunity to visit different interested areas.

   Tourism Activity

Nepal is a small country, but rich in cultural diversity: Nepal has over 60 different ethnic groups and 70 different languages. So Nepal has more festival. We are specially organized tourism festival. To celebrating different festival in different occasion we are invited more actors from different parts of country. We are exchanging cultural program one to another group. Every countries cultural group can contact with our organization and participant any program. Sometime we participants other groups programs also. On this program we are promoting this target village and product. We have a more program to advertise for foreign guest like Mountaineering, Trekking, Jungle safari, Rafting, Mountain bike etc.


Placements information:

So far as placement is concerned stay in a family where they are offered Nepali food twice a day (around 9 o'clock in the morning and 7o'clock in the evening). Tea is served in the morning and afternoon. Usually school, local organization/club/women groups and Health post at easy distance away and the volunteers will have to teach 3-4 classes everyday. Generally school/organization starts at 10 a.m. and is over at 4 p.m. More often than not, school runs 6 days a week and Saturday is a holiday. On that day the volunteers can get together and share their experiences. They can travel to nearby towns to purchase things for daily use and other areas in case of longer vacation. Besides their teaching time, volunteers can utilize their spare time in organizing the youth and women's groups of the community to do some worthwhile activities regarding avoidance of plastic materials and raise awareness about income generating programs.

Sports Activities
Wherever you travel in the world everyone enjoys sports. Why? Well, not only do sports create happy and healthy children but they also bring people together and help to build strong communities. Sports provide a platform for young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds and create a path full of possibilities for their development. Sports' coaching has a real positive impact on youth and children. There is the physical and mental benefit that regular exercise provides. There is the fun and the promise. There are also the life skills like communication, team work, confidence, inclusion, and discipline to be gained by players and volunteer coaches alike.
Whatever placement you decide is right for you, beach ball, beach cricket in chitwan and volleyball in school we can help you make the best of your time. You could be learning more about your sport in the morning and organizing a game in the afternoon, if you wish. Through well established relationships with local teams and clubs and carefully structured sports programs we are able to assist volunteers regardless of coaching experience.
We can find the right sports project for you - just let us know what interests you!

Placements  Training:

So far as placement is concerned stay in a family where they are offered Nepali food (Dal/Bhat/Tarkari) twice a day (around 9 o'clock in the morning and 7o'clock in the evening). Tea is served in the morning and afternoon. Usually school, local organization/club/women groups and Health post at easy distance away and the volunteers will have to teach 3-4 classes everyday. Generally school/organization starts at 10 a.m. and is over at 4 p.m. School runs 6 days a week and Saturday is a holiday. On that day the volunteers can get together and share their experiences. They can travel to nearby towns to purchase things for daily use and other areas in case of longer vacation. Besides their teaching time, volunteers can utilize their spare time in organizing the youth and women's groups of the community to do some worthwhile activities regarding avoidance of plastic materials and raise awareness about income generating programs or design any other program depends upon village.



  • The training to be provided by Future Nepal will be given within the first week of the volunteers' arrival in Nepal .
  • At first the volunteers will spend their time by learning Basic Nepali language classes and some terms ( how to adjust into Nepali people) at this class.
  • Nepali cultural orientation/general cultural exchange.
  • Cultural tour of Kathmandu Valley :- A guided tour of Kathmandu valley will be organized to visit the important touristic, cultural, and religious sites of the Kathmandu valley (Sight seen)

Target areas:-Generally we have focused the following Areas.

  • Ilam : It is very beautiful greenery and hills area of eastern Nepal.
  • Kathmandu/Lalitpur :- In the suburb and rural areas. ( Earthquake Affected)
  • Bhaktapur: - In the suburb and rural areas. ( Earthquake Affected)
  • Lalitpur :- In the suburb and rural areas.( Earthquake Affected)
  • Kaski:- It is the naturally gifted areas of western Nepal .
  • Kavre :-  It is the neighboring districts of Kathmandu.
  • Nuwakot : It is one of the historical and rich natural district. It is nearer from Kathmandu .
  • Sindhuplachok, Dolakha and Gorkha, :  Those are the damaged districts by etarhquake and need immidate support to build  shleters, houses, school and public places)

 (Placement will select in request too)

9. Application Information

Congratulations! You are taking the first step towards a truly life changing experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the application form. We will not share any of the information provided to us, except in such ways as necessary to find you suitable volunteer opportunities, and to make your experience as successful as possible.

Please keep in mind that while this is not a competitive process, it is important that you take the time to complete the application in as much detail as possible. The more information you are able to provide, the better our team will able to find placement options that are well suited for both your needs, and that of the placement.

Volunteerism is a natural and fundamental part of most societies. Volunteerism plays a role in capacity development by promoting peoples’ involvement in developing their own societies. It is a renewable and sustainable resource and, if encouraged and harnessed, volunteerism can play a significant role to change society.

As you proceed through the application, you should be asking yourself the following questions:

• Do I have the commitment that is needed to be a volunteer?

• Is it the right time for me to be going abroad to volunteer?

• Do my personal motivations for volunteering match the vision and mission of NEDI?

• Do I have any economic sources to be volunteer abroad and make a donation to NEDI?

• Is NEDI the type of organization I’d like to be involved with?



EMAIL : nedi@nedi.org.np