About Us



Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI) was founded as a non political, not for profit making a non-governmental organization (NGO) in 2003. NEDI aim to enhance the skills and capacities as well leadership development and empowerment of youth, women and marginalized people for positive participation in all kinds of policy framework and development activities and involve them on innovation, enterprise development and employment activities which makes enable to sustainable development, prosperity, equality, equity and better livelihood of all Nepali.



NEDI envisions to built self-sustained, equitable, eco-friendly and prosperous society.



NEDI mission is to inform, empower and involve the people and utilizing their own skills and capacity, as well and available natural and other resources for sustainable development and prosperous Nepal.  


  • Organize national, regional and local level policy dialogue, advocacy and campaign to develop the better polices and improvement of quality services and support of state and non-state actors.
  • Organize capacity building and leadership development activities for the leaders, youth, and women and marginalize groups.
  • Involve sustainable development activities for income generating, employment and better livelihood targeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



  1. To organize training, workshop and seminar for leaders, officials, women, youth and needy people.
  2.  To organize dialogue, advocacy and campaign on social security, people friendly laws, policies and programs.
  3. To involve, inform and empower youth, women and marginalize people by capacity building and leadership development for their better participation of all level of political and government institution.
  4. To aware, build skills and capacity as well as encourage starting enterprises and income generating activities for their better livelihood and prosperity.
  5. To involve youth for humanitarian   and volunteerism activities for emergency response and peace building.


NEDI Values

  • Transparency
  •  Accountability 
  •  Affirmative action
  •  Participation
  • Environmental friendly 
  •  Partnership with  multi stakeholders 
  • Inclusive Justice  
  • Equity and equality
  • Coordination and collaboration 
  • Mutual respect
  • Solidarity with the poor
  • Quality of excellence
  •  Social Justice


Ongoing Activities


Capacity Building and leadership Development Programs


  • Capacity building of political leaders and elected members of parliament and local bodies is important issues for current political scenario of Nepal. The political leaders and elected members of parliament have good leadership and political skills although they need other personal and professional skills as well.  They must to understand the fundamental issues of our new constitution,  laws and policies as well procedure of planning, executing the budget and development activities and other skills such as basic computer skills, handing email and internet as well as issues related climate change, sustainable development goals therefore our organization implementing capacity building activities targeting political leaders, parliament members and elected local bodies with the coordination of government institutions, local bodies, donors, bi-lateral, multi-lateral organizations, private sectors and I/NGOs.


  • Capacity building of CBOs leaders, youths, women and marginalized people: Without basic knowledge of organization development, fund raising, office management, financial management, accounting and other non-t technical and technical knowledge NEDI is organizing skills and capacity building activities targeting CBOs leaders, youths, farmers and marginalized people. Specially, our programs are focused on self-identification of their skills and capacity and more skills and capacity for better livelihood and quality of life.


Lobby, Advocacy and Awareness Raising Program


NEDI is organizing lobby, advocacy and campaign activities by conducting meetings, discussion programs, rallies, seminars, workshops, street drams, distribution of posters and pamphlets and organize media activities on different issues of youth, women and marginalized people.

Sustainable Rural Development Program  (SRDP) :  SRDP is  supporting to transform and empower life of rural people enhancing leadership and support to meeting basic needs quality health services, education, food and nutrition, clean and eco-friendly living environment. Also, this program is focusing to increase youth participation  on prompting leadership development as  well as focusing for people friendly, safe and modern  infrastructure. This program is encouraging  youth  on innovation and enterprise development to sustain their life and create employment which  ultimately  aims to  poverty eradication as well reach the target of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  in Nepal.

Youth Empowerment and  Employment  Program (YEEP):  This program is focusing on capacity building and  leadership development of youth for their better participation in all  level of decision making process and enhance knowledge and skills for employment. 

Promoting Good Governance and Pro-people Social Security  (PGGPSS) :   This program is focused to ensure the good governance in state and not-state institutions,  empowerment of youth and student on  monitoring  of gender responsive budgeting, social security and social welfare state mechanism, monitoring of service delivery at local level, basic principle of rule of law and environmental friendly and sustainable development.


SAHAS : This program is  stated  for  participation of youths and students to fight against the all kinds of discrimination such as caste, gender, generation, and  class  at school, house, community and nation  as well.

Therefore, besides implementing mentioned  programmes at grassroots, it is also extensively engaged in advocacy, lobbying and networking at local, national and international levels to protect and promote fundamental rights, ensure basic needs, climate  and  social justice.


Innovation and Enterprise Development Program  

The organization is conducting different program to encourage youth on innovation and enterprise development activities. Innovation and enterprise helps to young  people to  set-up new business, commercialization   of agriculture  and encourage on new technology . Also this project support knowledge sharing, farmer exchange and consumer exchange and rural and urban linkage programmes to understand issues of each other and solve the quality and price issues.


Volunteer programs

Volunteerism is best way to share experience and knowledge and contribute to the rural community from different way. So NEDI is offering national and international volunteer to organize researches, trainings, sharing of information, teaching computer and English language, documentation support to organization, help  for schools and community, participate development activities, humanitarian support and emergency response.


Research  and publication

The organization is organizing research and different publication on its program and other related a issues.  NEDI has conducted different researches and publish reports, books and journal as well.

Registration and legal validity of NEDI:

The organization is affiliated with District Administrative Office of Kathmandu with registration number 86 in 2003, Social Welfare Council with Registration number 15142 in 2003, Internal Revenue Office with registration number 9045 in 2004 and with NGO Federation of Nepal registration number 147 in 2004. The organization has been renewed  annually in all concern authority by following legal process as well as submitting the audit report and progress report

NEDI Policies:


  • Financial  and Administrative System:

Administrate Committee has lunched financial and Administrative Regulation Policy to insure transparency and accountability. The policy is guiding to handle all administration and financial activities. It focuses on funds management so the  financial details must be published annually and it will be audited from internal and external auditor.


  • Staff and resource person policy

Organization has a team of experienced and subject wise educated manpower and resource person.  To manage the staffs NEDI has a policy for human resource management.


  • Project  Management Policies:

Organization has fixed some limited norms and values to mobilized programmes. NEDI has policy to form Project Steering Committee (PSC) to  handle the new project.


NEDI Strategy:

  • NEDI is co-coordinating and build-up its network with the different stockholders, government and non-government organizations and donor agencies to reduce the duplication of project and effective implementation. It helps to monitoring and evaluation process. 
  • Organization strategies to insure the local participation, optimum utilization of human resource and locally available resource.
  • Respect the local culture, social value and customs during community work.
  • Preserve the environment issues and natural resources in all level of activities.
  • Utilize optimum resource to target society and minimizing administrative cost.
  • Develop positive attitude during implementation of programs in society by making financial  transparency and good governance.
  • Create to beneficiaries to minimize the habit of dependency with donors..
  • Involve and awareness in insure the participation of target community in the process of project cycle.