Promotion of Sustainable Tourism in Nepal


Sustaible Tursisum Development Program is started since  2008  and working towards  promoting agri and nature tourism in Nepal. Nepal is very reach for natural beauties. Many tourists are saying that Nepal is still a virgin land.    Therefore, tourists can get natural taste and take part in farms, activities, as animal and crop care, gardening, plantation, cooking and cleaning, handicrafts, volunteering and entertainments. They live in house of local family or home stay and make travel around the village and they have wonderful opportunity to chat with the local people, see the culture and also they support to their daily activities. They can go hiking, jungle safari, boating, rafting and enjoy with virgin nature of Nepal.  The tourist will  get real experiences of Nepali typical food culture, deep knowledge of religion, custom and society, working with farmer, farm practices in any region such as Himalya, Terai and Hills areas or in  Kathmandu Valley as well.  They offer local traditional good and  healthy food in their kitchens and provide local hospitality. This activity is helping to develop mutual relationship of farmers around the world, cultural exchange, sharing agriculture  expertise and  food culture and also it helps for economic empowerment of farmers in Nepal and ultimately it create enable environment to achieve the sustainable development goals.